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What Is Orange Wine?

Orange wine, a type of skin-contact white wine, is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after styles of wine in the world. In traditional white wine production, grapes are crushed and their juices are removed from the grape skins to ensure a colorless, or near colorless, wine. With skin-contact or orange wines, the skins are allowed to rest with the grape juice. This allows for more tannins to develop, and also adds the vibrant colors orange wine is known for.  Fun fact: rose is another type of skin contact wine. The main difference between rose and orange wine is that in rose, red wine grapes are pressed and allowed to sit with the grape skins for a few hours to a...

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What Is Natural Wine?

Natural wine, while popular in larger metropolitan areas such as New York City, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles, is somewhat new to the greater Fresno area. When we launched Quail State rooftop bar in Downtown Fresno, natural wine was one of the first things we wanted to introduce to this area.  And why not? Fresno has a rich, storied winemaking heritage. After all, Fresno's grape production contributes much to the US wine market. In fact, Fresno's grapes have been used for decades in commercial winemaking as additives such as dyes, acids, and sweetening agents.  That being said, the products churned out by commercial winemaking has left a large swath of people with mixed feelings about wine. Often, complaints of headaches, discolored...

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